The Process

As soon as you know there’s work to be done, contact us. It is never too early to start the conversation. From start to finish, we offer you the best custom cabinetry experience. 
Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience with Board Foot:


We strategize with you to figure out the layout and functionality of the space. Our custom approach extends to budget; we’ll discuss how to achieve your goals without compromising form or function.


We put your dreams into reality, on paper to start. We’ll collaborate to create a practical, pleasing design for your projectUsing raw materials allows us to dimension everything to your specifications. Anything is possible--just ask.


We keep you in the loop. Before construction begins, we go over the design in detail so you know what the process looks like each step of the way.


This is where our craftsmanship shines. We bring our full array of machinery and expertise to ensure your project is executed to the highest standards. Feel free to make an appointment to check on its progress.


All completed units receive custom finish, including a variety of hand-rubbed stains and oil finishes and industry leading catalyzed finishes. 


Once finished, we deliver the final product to the site for installation. You sit back and relax while we guide the installation, ensuring a beautiful new addition to your home.