Base Cabinets - Cabinets that sit on the floor. They can be placed against the wall or can stand alone as an
island or peninsula.

Blind Corner - A corner cabinet that maximizes storage space by extending to the wall. 

Catalyzed Varnish - A strong, extremely durable top coat, often used on cabinets and office furniture.

Dado - A groove cut into a piece of wood into which another piece of wood fits tightly.

Dowel - A small, cylindrical piece of wood used to join cabinets.

End Panel - A vertical panel that forms the side of the cabinet.

Face frame - Trim surrounding the cabinet box that provides support and can act as an important design element. Doors are either mounted to the inside (Inset) or the front (Overlay) of the frame. 

Frameless - Often known as European style, Frameless cabinetry does not include trim around the cabinet box. 
Doors typically cover the entire cavity, with a minimal amount of space between doors.

Frame & Panel Door - A style of solid wood door construction where a panel sits inside rails (horizontal pieces)
and stiles (vertical pieces). Also referred to as a Five Piece Door.

Finish - The surface treatment of a wood product, usually applied in steps, such as paint or stain, sealer, and clear
top coat such as catalyzed varnish.

Five Piece Door - A style of door where an inside component (panel, glass, or other material), sits inside rails and stiles.

Flat Panel - A center panel of a door, common in Shaker or Arts & Craft style cabinetry.

Finger joint - A joint made by interlocking complimentary cuts. A dove tail joint is an example of a finger joint.

Inset - Style of cabinet door where the door is mounted inside the face frame.

Laminate - A material comprised of layers of wood, plastic, or other components bound together with heat and pressure.

MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard. Engineered wood with a tight, smooth surface. MDF is very stable
and is favored for laminating.

Miter Joint - A joining technique made by two beveled surfaces forming a corner.

Mortise & Tenon - A joining technique where a protrusion (tenon) is slipped into a groove or slot cut
into the wood (mortise).

Overlay - Style of cabinet door where the door sits on top of the face frame, leaving part of the
face frame exposed.

Rail - The horizontal structural components of doors and face frames.

Scribe Molding - A piece of molding used to conceal any discrepancy where the cabinet meets the wall.

Slab Door - A flat door.

Soffit - Also known as a bulkhead - a dropdown or box at the ceiling used to hid heating or duct work.

Stile - The vertical structural components of doors and face frames.

Toe Kick - Recessed area underneath base cabinets.

Upper Cabinets - Cabinets that are mounted to the wall above base cabinets or another structure.

Varnish - A hard, transparent coating that protects the cabinet surface.